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Contact: jen.norman@jnfitness.ca

Personal Training

In person sessions either in a gym or home setting, based on personal preference. Training sessions will include a supervised warm up, workout and cool down. It is also an opportunity to learn from the trainer and develop a further understanding how to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.

Program Design

Can be done alone or in conjunction with personal training sessions. A program will be created to fit your schedule, fitness level and specific goals to optimize your progress and get you to your goals faster. The workouts will be customized to the space and equipment you have available. Gym membership not required, but can be helpful.

Group Sessions

Groups of 3 or more people who want to get fit together are welcome to sign up for group sessions. Prices per person are discounted from personal training sessions and it is a great way to develop a healthy active routine with a support system. Group types can be anything from office workouts, backyard fun or high performance sports teams

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