Personal Training

The best way to stay accountable and ensure that the workouts you are doing will be most effective at helping you reach your goals


Group Training

Are you part of a sports team or is there group of you that want to train together? Group training is an affordable way to get fit fast and have a strong support system


Program Design

For the independent individual who needs to be told what to do but wants to do the workouts alone. Program design is the perfect option to add direction, intensity and purpose to your training


What Our Customers say

Jen not only got myself into the best shape of my life, she helped me utilize fitness as a healthly way of managing my anxiety.

- Katie

She loves what she does and it shows because anytime I didn't quite get something, Jen always spent extra time to make sure I understood. She doesn't just make you sweat, Jen teaches you to understand your body

- Chris

She is not only incredibly knowledgeable, you can tell she is there with you the entire time during your workouts. She goes the extra mile to explain how to do exercises properly and always knows how to push your limits without going too far.


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